$14 000 USD





"AirdropsDAC provides Airdrops As A Service to dapp developers in the EOS ecosystem looking to tokenize their project. AirdropsDAC looks to be the foremost authority in airdrops, offering the most options for innovative airdrops, legal-friendly tokens, community engagement tools and marketing to ensure the project’s users are ready and engaged to adopt the dapp."


"HireVibes (ticker symbol: HVT) is a decentralized jobs platform that incentivizes people to crowd-source candidates for jobs positions. It was built and operates as a decentrilized application on top of EOS blockchain. It is the flagship project of EOSVibes." "HireVibes aims to disrupt traditional Human Resources (HR) and recruiting."


"The demand for Web3 talent is rising faster than supply. Bitcoin and blockchain technology are helping us create a better world. We're creating an open source standard for hiring in the Web3 era."


"Showcase your employer brand by using a cryptocurrency powered hiring platform to build world changing teams. Whether you're a growing technology company or a fledgling DAO; HireVibes has you covered."


"A large number of HVTs in the AirDropsDAC contract account were transferred to the sym111111add account under abnormal operation. The account was then exchanged for 2,514 EOS at Newdex, which was subsequently transferred to the gizdkmjvhege account."


"In light of the recent exploit which took place on November 12th 2018, the HireVibes development team would like to reassure our community that HireVibes keys and token smart contract and were never compromised. They are secure and under the supervision of the HireVibes team."


"This incident involved a third party that was providing an airdrop service to HireVibes at the time of the exploit. The HireVibes development team treats security as the utmost priority. A member of the HireVibes team alerted our service provider of the exploit, which is currently being investigated."


"HireVibes are taking a neutral position while the facts are established. Meanwhile, development is continuing as normal as we work towards the release of HireVibes Beta early in 2019."


"As a bonus to all accounts that did claim HVT by Monday December 3rd at 1300 UTC, as well as accounts which were missed on the airdrop, HireVibes will give an extra % of HVT to those accounts. The exact bonus % will be announced, and the delivery of tokens will happen by Wednesday December 5th."


"We are doing this because we listened to the needs our community and it also means HVT will be a more widely distributed token, which is essential for a vibrant token economy."


"While we are appreciative to AirdropsDAC to get a chance to trial a new innovative airdrop method (claim invitations), the HireVibes team will complete the airdrop, and distribute tokens to everyone on the snapshot."

The HireVibes protocol ran an airdrop through the AirDropsDAC project. The private keys of the smart contract were apparently breached, and the tokens were taken and liquidated. The airdrop was run without AirDropsDAC being involved, and a bonus was given for all participants.


Private keys need to be stored offline. One of the easiest ways to protect against this would have been to set up a multi-signature requirement on the primary wallet. Additional training for operators is also useful.


Check Our Framework For Safe Secure Exchange Platforms

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