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"The first decentralized lending protocol with a stablecoin 100% backed by yield generating bonds." "USDap is the first decentralized stablecoin that is based on a basket of real-world debt obligations." "An infrastructure that connects decentralized finance and traditional debt instruments with the participation of regulated securities and cryptocurrency broker/dealers."


"The growth of the USDap supply expands the portfolio of bonds and boosts the price of BAG." "USDap is backed by real-world fixed-income securities (bonds) provided as collateral for the loan by borrowers." "USDap is backed by a basket of debt obligations with different terms, interest rates (3-7.5% per annum), and redemption dates." "Receive interest income in USDC every quarter from bonds that back the USDap. The growing value of BAG helps grow the emission of USDap."


"The main asset inside the protocol’s ecosystem is the stablecoin — BondAppétit USD (USDap). The price of USDap equals $1 at all times. The token is issued only if the protocol has sufficient collateral. Information regarding the collateral can be checked through blockchain at any time. The USDap price is balanced automatically based on a basket of real-world debt obligations that form part of the protocol’s assets."


"USDap is a stablecoin done right. Algorithmic automated issuance, real-world assets as collateral, and publicly available oracles for real-time collateral verification." "The bonds that back USDap are stored by a licensed custodian in a stable jurisdiction. Anyone can check their availability any time online. No single protocol with fiat collateral has this level of transparency." "The price of USDap equals $1 at all times and the asset is issued only with sufficient collateral."


"The borrowing process is built in the most convenient way for a borrower in order to ensure compliance with regulatory and financial requirements and the conclusion of an appropriate agreement. A borrower can receive funds in fiat as well as in crypto." "BAG holders receive coupon payments from bonds that back the USDap stablecoin. Interest income in USDC is distributed among token holders every quarter." "USDap has its own crypto liquidity pools which are partially composed of liquidity flows coming from real-world assets."


"BondAppetit is a decentralized protocol controlled only by its community." "There is no centralized issuer behind USDap — tokens are issued automatically by a smart-contract only when required collateral is available in the real world. Anyone can check collateral any time online at bondappetit.com/collateral. No single protocol with fiat collateral — neither USDC, nor USDT — has this level of transparency." "BondAppet is governed by its community. All token holders can participate in governing the protocol. Any member of the community with more than 1,000,000 BAG tokens can create a proposal."


Founder and CEO Artem is "[f]ormer head of the Blockchain Lab at Deloitte. For over seven years, Artem has been one of the key opinion leaders in the CIS region in blockchain and tokenization. Since 2011, he has been a lawyer by trade and an entrepreneur." CTO "Vlad has over 17 years of experience in web development. He launched and managed a number of major ICT products and services on the CIS market." "USDap represents a means of transferring value and it is defined as such exclusively by market participants. The token itself does not imply any obligations of the protocol, any of its participants, or third-parties."


"The price of USDap equals $1 at all times and the asset is issued only with sufficient collateral. USDap is 100% backed by yield-generating bonds. The bonds are stored by a licensed custodian in a stable jurisdiction. Anyone can check their availability any time online. The information is transmitted from the custodian and is digitally signed making data spoofing impossible." "In the event of a significant change in asset prices or a default, the protocol may initiate additional capitalization."


"During the second development stage which is planned to start in 2022, BondAppétit aims to create a borrowing platform that will operate directly with issuers of fixed-income debt instruments. Therefore, providing access to traditional financial instruments in a fully decentralized manner. As a platform, BondAppétit will charge fees from the borrowers for each deal completed on the platform. Another feature that is vital for correct operations of the protocol during the second stage is the automated prediction system that will forecast asset price, calculate coupon payments and forecast possibility of default for each issuer."


"You must consider the risk that BondAppétit may not be able to implement the Protocol Launch Phases described herein. You must bear in mind that the launch of Phase 2. RWA Collateralization and Phase 3. Direct Investment may be postponed or cancelled. Your investments are not secured. In case it is not possible to implement any of the phases of the BondAppétit protocol, you may lose all of your investments."


"BondAppetit was launched on April 5[, 2021]. In the first few days since launch, the volume of locked funds reached $8 million. In the first weeks since launch, the profitability of BondAppetit pools was hovering over 1,000% per annum, values which attracted many players from the DeFi market."


"First AMA session by BondAppetit founder Artem Tolkachev. Artem talked a lot about the development strategy, the regulatory environment, and other related issues. We recommend that you listen the recording of the AMA if you missed it or had joined late."


"First governance initiatives. Starting from the first days since launch, BondAppetit has implemented a community governance system. All key decisions are passed through a general vote."


After multiple excursions below $1, the peg appears to have been lost at some point on April 18th, 2022.


"BondAppetit is launching the USDap buyback procedure. The buyback procedure will involve the purchase of USDap/EUR on an OTC. We are offering a fixed purchase rate of 1 USDap = $1. The minimum amount for the transaction will be 30,000 USDap with the 3% transaction fee charged from our side (plus other fees charged by financial institutions)."


"In order to make an OTC transaction, you will be required to sign the relevant agreement and provide the documents requested for KYC procedures."


"The request for the transaction shall be made via email including the amount of the contemplated transaction (not less than 30,000 USDap), your personal details (including name/surname, wallet, and account information). Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to proceed with the transaction based on the provided information or change the type of the consideration for USDap indicated above."


"BondAppetite USD Price [as of November 4th, 2022]: $ 0.460" "USDap Total Supply: $1.09M"

BondAppetite was a stablecoin backed by real-world yield generating bonds. The bonds that back USDap are supposedly stored by a licensed custodian in a stable jurisdiction.


After multiple excursions below $1, the peg appears to have been lost at some point on April 18th, 2022. On June 8th, 2022, the protocol began an apparent buy-back of the tokens at a $0.97 USD price, however the token price remains far lower. There have been no further updates to social media.


It is unclear whether the buyback is actually available, and why the price has not increased given the apparent buyback. It is unclear whether there is a loss situation here.


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