$6 000 000 USD





"There is no sign of an intrusion into the systems. Both wallets were located on different computers. We suspect that these have been copied by people who had access to the system in the past and decrypted."

PicoStocks was a centralized exchange based in Marshall Islands, which operated one of the earliest forms of offshore fundraising, where entrepreneurs could launch offerings for investors. On November 29th, 2013, the service suffered a breach of 5,896.23098163 bitcoin which were taken from two separate wallets. Ultimately, the exchange covered all affected user losses and was able to relaunch successfully.


This situation could have been most effectively prevented by the use of a multi-signature wallet, rather than a single private key. In such a setup, the cold storage wallet would have required approvals from multiple team members to initiate a withdrawal. This, combined with a reasonable level of training for key holders, would have effectively prevented an attacker from obtaining enough private keys to perform a transfer.


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