"Polkametaverse is a Next-generation NFT platform." "Polkametaverse is a new generation of decentralized exchange, using a Layer 2 scalability engine, supporting leveraged transactions, and providing lower transaction rates. POKA is the governance token of Polkametaverse, with a total supply of only 100,000,000. POKA will be listed on Hotbit, Binance Trust Wallet, Bybit and Coinbase exchanges. The estimated listing price of POKA is $30." "A new generation of decentralized exchange using a Layer 2 scalability engine. Trade Perpetual Contracts with low fees, deep liquidity, and up to 100× more Buying Power."


"Polkametaverse joined hands with Kusama and StarkWare which employed StarkEx, a Layer 2 scalability engine that aims to improve the trading on platform. In simple words, the impact will be similar to the upcoming Eth 2.0 upgrade, as the gas costs will become zero, minimum trade sizes will be reduced, and trading fees will be lower."


"The purpose of Polkametaverse is to provide secure trading services with low gas costs and fees. To achieve this, the platform is now moving towards Layer 2 with the help of StarkWare to increase its trade settlement capacity."


"We present a set of protocols that allow several types of financial products to be created, issued, and traded for any pair of underlying ERC20 tokens. Our approach uses off-chain order books with on-chain settlement to allow creation of efficient markets. All described protocols are fair and trustless, creating truly open markets that are not governed by a central authority. The protocols are extensible by anyone, requiring no special permissions to be used with other smart contracts."


"Please share your BNB address here and we will send 500 POKA tokens to first 100 People." "Every participant can get 10 POKA tokens by participating in airdrop. Copy and share your referral link to your friends .After the airdrop ends, POKA tokens will be automatically distributed to your submitted BNB wallet address."


"Use your wallet send BNB to the Pre-sale address. Our system will send tokens to your wallet."


"@polkametaverse claims audited by PeckShield, which is not true. The audit report posted on their website is forged."

PolkaMetaverse is currently claiming to be audited when no such audit has been performed, according to Peckshield. It remains to be seen what will come of this project and any investments. The whitepaper claims a multi-sig but no one has looked into the code.

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