"Sparkster is empowering you to bring your ideas to reality by enabling you to build software without writing code. Then run that software on the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud, a specialized blockchain that can support more than 10 Million TPS."


"What if Decentralized Software could be built by anyone in Plain English, without knowledge of programming or blockchain architecture? That's the Sparkster Platform."


"What if this Smart Software could run at 10 Million TPS? That's the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud. We're accelerating blockchain adoption, and want you to join our revolution."


"The Next Generation Sparkster Decentralized Cloud meets the needs of widespread Blockchain adoption by supporting millions of customers and processing tens of millions of transactions per second ON CHAIN! Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is architected to support millions of customers, and hence, support mainstream blockchain adoption."


"We believe software skills are a human right, as important as reading, writing, and math."


"Apps are how we solve problems, build companies, and express our creativity. And in our fast-moving, automated world, they are the new official language of prosperity. But too many of us are left out, lacking the skills or expensive education to know the first thing about creating software."


"Our mission is to change that. You deserve the opportunity to help build the future. Because when you succeed, we all succeed."


"In the second quarter, our antiphishing system prevented 58,000 user attempts to connect to phishing websites masquerading as popular cryptocurrency wallets and markets. In addition to classic phishing, which aims at gaining access to the victim’s accounts and private key information, cybercriminals try every way to entice a victim to willingly send them cryptocurrency. One of the examples of this are cryptocoin giveaways. Cybercriminals continue using the names of new ICO projects to collect money from potential investors that are trying to gain early access to new tokens. Sometimes phishing sites pop up before official project sites."


"Fake ICO projects: the first page is located on the domain fantom.pub and mimics fantom.foundation, the real site of the FANTOM project; the second—hosted on sparkster.be—is a fake version of sparkster.me, the website of the SPARKSTER project."


"Sparkster (SPRK) raised $30M in its initial coin offering (ICO), which concluded in July 2018. Investors are now threatening legal action against the project, alleging that founders purposely misled investors during the sale, with promises of returns as high as 300 times their initial investments. The Telegram handle highlighted in the image below is used by a Sparkster admin who describes himself as the CEO."


"One of the unhappy parties is CryptoArnie, a London-based crypto personality. He explained investors became increasingly worried by the project’s lack of communication."


“I know one person who invested $150,000, and another who put $25,000 into Sparkster,” Arnie said on the phone. “Now the team’s gone AWOL and people are calling for action.”


"Sparkster has denied any allegations of wrongdoing. Daya has said he has been unable to communicate with investors because his mother is in a “critical condition” in hospital."

Sparkster was a platform claiming to make code development significantly easier, by abstracting away all the complex technical layers behind the scenes. The platform launched an ICO, and was the subject of a phishing attack at the time, as reported by Kaspersky. It's unknown what, if anything, was lost. Investors were subsequently contemplating a lawsuit on an unrelated matter.

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