$124 000 USD





"A better, smarter contract.Explore the ultimate user experience and best engineering practices." "YBY-ETORO is one of the most popular decentralized platforms, ever. And those users are now entrusting the platform with over $5 billion in funds."


"YBY-ETORO is a blockchain agreement. It is like a decentralized central bank that establishes a currency market through smart contracts. The money market is based on the supply and demand of assets, and the interest rate of the asset pool is derived through algorithms. Providers of USDT assets (participants, we call them "miners") , directly interact with smart contract agreements without any actual mortgage, and automatically earn floating interest rates, without negotiating maturity and interest rates or collateral,and other with peers or counterparties Terms."


"It allows USDT holders to automatically explore the borrowing needs of the currency market, and automatically match higher interest orders, after agreeing to authorize the execution of this contract (becoming a "miner"). It is an AMM mechanism and an automatic quantification procedure. Your deposit is always in your own wallet without withdrawal, and you can withdraw the interest earned to your wallet at any time. Become a "miner", hand over to the smart contract agreement, and automatically earn income!"


"The crypto economy is a radical new imagining of the future of work. Open protocols will create transparency and opportunity, enabling anyone in the world to contribute their talents to a global economy. We want to support this vision and build the new coordination mechanisms of the internet age."


"YBY-ETORO is identified as a scammer project. CertiK never performs any audits and interact with this project. Please do not connect your wallet and with the scammer address."

YBY ETORO claims to be a popular and widely used decentralized application. However, once authorized, the service can take funds. The service claims to have been audited by CertiK, however this is not the case. Their website has been updated to claim an audit from SlowMist, including a downloadable document. So far, at least $124k has been sent to the smart contract.

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