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It's time for justice! Questions mount about Gerald Cotten's death, which happened conveniently as Quadriga Coin Exchange was facing insolvency and moments away from complete collapse, coincidently 2 weeks after a will was written, while opening an orphanage in an area of India with an active death faking industry. Multiple affected users have enquired, and even Miller Thompson has sent an official request. However, the RCMP has, to date, not even publicly addressed the issue.

Understandably, the RCMP has a lot of issues to deal with and limited technical expertise. But this is an issue that significantly affected tens of thousands of Canadians and poses the very concerning idea that one can get away with criminal fraud just by travelling to India. This has little to do with the cryptocurrency and everything to do with a potential gaping hole in the legal and justice system.

We invite affected users to join our letter writing campaign, to help the RCMP understand the importance of this key issue, why the exhumation matters to us, and just how many of us care about this. We will be putting together letter templates and detailed instructions. Please join our Telegram group or subscribe below for email announcements.

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